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PETMAXX was created to simplify the reunion of lost pets and their owner. This search engine allows to search simultaneously for the transponder number of the chipped pet in various animal databases.

You just have to write the chip number in the number field; then push for search. If your number is found in one of the databases you may get via a link in direct contact to this database for all further information.
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Database Country Status
PET BUL Turkey Turkey
PetLink Brazil
Tasso Germany
SRZ Slovakia
PetBase Netherlands
AnimalFace Russia
Back Home Czech Republic Czech Republic
ANIS Switzerland
tracer.com Ukraine
FindMyPet Poland
Lemmiklooma Register Estonia
Petlink Latin America Latin America
GAID Georgia
Animal-ID Russia
MCDAEI Moldovia
Chip247 Latin America
SKK Sweden
Deutscher Tierschutzbund Germany
Back Home Club Netherlands
NDG Netherlands
Petcard Austria
PET-CALL Singapore Singapore
AAR Australia
IFTA Germany
Belarussian Pets Identification Database Belarusia
PetLink Romania Romania
Dyreidentitet Norway
Petlog United Kingdom
Animark Ireland
NRMZ Czech Republic

For further questions: info@petmaxx.com